Lady Krispie cereal treats are handmade with love in Brooklyn, New York. Our concept at Lady Krispie is to bring your favorite cereal treats to you! Lady Krispie makes everything to order, with fresh ingredients of your choosing. You pick all of the toppings, and any combination is possible. We specialize in event catering ranging from small parties or dinners to weddings of all sizes.



puffed rice




cocoa puffs

fruit loops

reese’s puffs

apple jax

cap’n crunch



corn pops

peanut butter puffs

cinnamon toast crunch

frosted flakes

honey bunches of oats

lucky charms

and more…




sea salt

potato chips

heath bar

peanut butter cups


malt balls

snow caps

oreo or cookie crumbles


nuts (chopped almond, walnuts or pistachio)


pistachio and heath clusters

swedish fish, skittles or sour patch kids

and more….


Top Sellers:

frosted corn flakes cereal with sea salt or salted pretzel

rice krispies cereal with toasted coconut and marshmallow

chex cereal with double marshmallow

kix cereal with yogurt covered pretzel

cocoa puffs cereal with malt balls

peanut butter puff balls cereal with mini peanut butter cups

fruit loops cereal, berry blast cereal with skittles and sour patch kid gummies

lucky charms cereal with cookie dough and rainbow sprinkles

variety treat, mix of 4 different kinds of cereal, popcorn, potato chip, pretzel, marshmallow and white chocolate

puppy chow, mix of chex cereal, peanut butter and powdered sugar

Lady Krispie crushed our wedding

Placing your order:

  • Pick your favorite cereal and topping to create your ideal Lady Krispie flavor!

  • We can supply almost any cereal, candy, salty snack that you would like to incorporate into your flavor.

  • Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. Gluten-free and/or vegan options are available.

  • For large orders and event catering, please place orders in advance.

  • Minimum order is one dozen, with pricing at $24/doz.

  • Payment accepted via cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.

  • We ship within New York State and deliver within the five Boroughs. Shipping and delivery fees may apply.

  • If you need your order completed within 5 business days, please follow up via telephone at 207-251-3711.

  • Ready to place your order? Head on over to the Contact page and fill out all your details.

Lady Krispie crushed our wedding this summer. She made a heart shaped Lady Krispie cake and bite size treats that were all gluten free. They were a huge hit! Let’s be real, no one likes wedding cake anyways... Krispies are definitely the way to go!
— Rebecca and Sonia, Santa Fe, NM
Lady Krispie crushed our wedding